Trainee Accountants

All of us have had traumas/challenges in our life.We have all failed at a task or exam/test. Granted, some failures/traumas/challenges seem much bigger than others and we can all sing "Oscar’s Somebody Did Me Wrong" song.

I believe these challenges/set backs are sent from the most high so we can learn how to get back up. They are to show us how much courage we do already have within us. Having said that when you feel like you are up the creek without a paddle, when the long audit hours seem to block your path, when Mann Acc/Auditing/Tax/Finn Acc seem to be your greatest undoing, when your stars fall down one by one and it seems to rain snow.

Simply make the following pronouncements:- • I will still stand up proud and tall, • I will get back after the hardest fall, be it after test 1’s ghastly results, • I will find my way home to victory through the foggiest dim path, • I will always have the strength for a smile and a good laugh. For sometimes the TA road is like a narrow and winding road, a constant struggle to stay afloat. I say adopt the eagle mindset to fly above the storm. Make a resolution to do more than just survive but thrive. You may fall and crash but don’t lie there to burn.